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My 2022 Top 5 Web Designer/Front End Developer Tips

Updated: May 4, 2023

There is nothing more refreshing that a clean User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) Right?!?!? Well here are some tips that will make your website look polish and professional.

Tip 1

Font pairings

There are many sites that can help you find the right font pairing 10 font pairings keeping one simple rule is to pair a serif with a san serif this will work most of the time and gives your design the pop that it needs while still making it eye catching.

Tip 2

Less is indeed sometimes more

You can really get carried away and have to much text in one page. You want that much text maybe it might be better saved for a blog in where people actually want to read all that text. Having breaks between sentences and having breathing room makes a website look more inviting.

Tip 3


You found a palette maybe you found it in Adobe Color and it looks amazing! Now you put it on your website and is just not catching your eye as much. Don't be afraid to tweak the colors just a little bit or a lot of bit sometimes they just look different on the website or mobile app or maybe is just not the vibe you were going for.

Tip 4

It's just a bunch of boxes in boxes in boxes

If you haven't done CSS let me tell you somehow positioning things on a website is harder that what one will think. But thinking of everything in a box really does help, trust me. Centering things and moving things around is easier when you think of what box is the content in.

Tip 5

The key to being a good web designer is knowing some CSS and HTML and vice versa

I'm not saying you need to know it all but it really does help to know how to make the design if you know a little bit of how is going to be built and vice versa. Sometimes there are items missing in the hi-fi prototype that you can provide some solutions to the designer as well as letting them know that that item is missing from the design.

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