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Mobile App & Web App

Web App Development

Depending on the nature of your product, there may be several different technologies which suited for deployment. It can be as simple as as simple as a shared web server hosting individual HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, or more

complex environments such as AWS, GCP, and Azure. We have experience with all of the popular platforms including Bluehost, GoDaddy, and HostGator. Our team will work with whatever platforms you already have in place, or help you determine the right one for your needs.

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Lets Give Wix some Props

Sometimes, as an owner, you just want to go in and change some stuff, but you don’t necessarily want to have to contact your developers every time. The bottom line is, you want more control. Over the past few years we have been involved in several development projects using Wix and, as developers, we have developed a mild affinity for the platform. It allows owners to intuitively design, create, and manage content, as well as manage B2C products, shopping carts, user logins, etc. with a surprisingly intuitive interface. The even more surprising part is that Wix developers build custom back-end solutions for your Wix site without sacrificing control and freedom of publishing content and changing the layout. And the web hosting plan and domain ownership remains solely within your control.

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Mobile App Deployment

App signing, provisioning profiles, distribution certificates and credentials.. It's enough to make your head spin. Mobile app deployment can be it's very own uphill battle. We can fight it for you, or help guide you through the setup and deployment process, from beta testing to publication in the stores with your company's own developer account. 

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Of course you want to make money, but how? Admob, Freemium, In-app purchase, Paid Subscription, Paymium! That's right, it's a thing. Our team can help decipher the terminology and help you decide how to get paid!

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