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Our Process

These are the steps to make your mobile app or website complete and great! And always remember you can add and customize as you grow!

Image by Ian Schneider

Step One

What are your needs?

We love listening to your ideas, and we are happy to sign NDAs as needed. Let us know what your business goal is, who your audience is, and some apps or sites that you just love.

We will set up a meeting and talk to you. Start the process today!

Step Two

Gather Content

Do you already have a design? Have brand colors or a hi-fi wireframe built? Send us all the information you have so we can provide to you the best path and the best quote. 


​You don't have any of this yet? No worries, we can help.

Levitating Books

Step Three

Your Customized Quote

We use Square for all of our estimates and invoicing. The estimate will be sent via email and contain the pricing details,  milestones, timeline, and payment schedule. Once accepted, all we need is a 20% down payment to get started. You can pay with a credit card, electronic transfer, or by mail or in person with a certified check.​


We will then start using the most optimal technology stack for your site or mobile app.

Step Four

Design is Design is Design

If you have a complete design document and a hi-fidelity wireframe, we can skip this step. If not, no worries we love to design stuff! We will develop a full design document and provide a mobile and web hi-fi prototype. This will give your user a cohesive and complete design experience using Figma or Adobe XD​


This is also where we are able to identify and adjust scope of work details. Why? Maybe now is where we realize you need social logins, or find out that something is missing. “Whoops, forgot we need a shopping cart and a place to pay.” Trust us, it happens. We can add this now and integrate it in the flow. 

Need photos to capture your products, your building, or have an amazing hero section? We know drone pilots and photographers with years of experience ready to fly and film.

UX Design Team
Coding Station

Step Five


Now we are cooking with gas! The colors and fonts have been selected and locked. Now we need, “Plumbing,”  and “Power,” so to speak. This is where all the functionality of your mobile app and website get started. Our developers work hard using modern collaborative tools and Agile workflows to get the job done right!



This means our developers build, test, and improve code and test again, and again until the final release.

Step Six


We are excited for this step! We’re sure you are too! No matter how long or short the project timeline is, we realize it can never happen fast enough, and now that you made it, Congratulations! This is the beginning of your new application. We can provide hosting options and guidance that will take into account scalability and support on whichever platform you choose, including Apple's App store and Android's Google Play store.

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