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Design Document Creation

Project Overview

Our first step is to gather information from you, the client.  We need to determine things like, what you want, or need, to get across to your users, the look and feel you envision for the design, the call to action, or conversion, what is the target audience, etc. for your site or app.

Plant Mirror Reflection


We will pick out photos from the story that you have told us to convey in imagery. This will help guide us through the rest of the elements in your document.

Space Collage

Color Palette 

We will select the colors that will represent your brand. We use very specific hexadecimal values  which represent these colors as part of your brand.

Image by David Pisnoy


We will select specific fonts and font pairings that work well with each other, your theme, your application, and your brand.

Bon Appetite
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