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Mobile App Cross Platform

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

Android vs iOS?

The question is not who is winning or which one is best. There has always been a battle of the OSes but the fact remains that as of now these are the two OSes that we need to develop. Each of them has their quirks and their pros and cons.

Screen sizes?

This is a bigger battle for frontend developers the idea that the app must look amazing in all screen sizes and they vary quite a bit, yes you can tell the code to do this or what depending on screen sizes but the best practice is making the code responsive. Percentages are also a big part of making apps look good in all screen sizes but you have to be careful on what you are taking a percentage of.

Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S?

We have to pick a year/screen size/system that we are willing to go back until. Perhaps 2010 is too far or 2022 to close. A safe amount of time is about 5 years this is the average amount of time that people keep their phones.

Making an app look good in several platforms is a challenge but is quite rewarding.

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