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Overseas Horror Story (Developers)

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Help us stop overseas nightmares.

We hear this too often! We all know this but somehow because people are not aware how much mobile apps or web app or even websites should cost this happens too often.

You get what you pay for... sometimes you don't even get this much.

Too good to be true... If someone is willing to do your website for free or for half its cost what is in it for them and what is the quality of the product.


Lets face it build an app is expensive. There is not way around this. Apps take a lot of time to make, this make the cost very high. This contributes to the public including companies to outsource to other countries to increase their profit and make products at reasonable prices. While we are sure that there are some apps that have been successfully created in other countries the amount of horror stories is astronomical. But how does this happen???


You have a great mobile app idea and you have no idea where to go with your idea. You maybe do some google searches and find a team of developers or maybe you go to After getting some quotes this is what they look like. Apps made in the US $60,000 you never realized that something so seemingly simple would cost that much, that is ridiculous. App with an agency that outsources is $50,000 again this is still quite a large amount of money but someone in the other side of the world claims they can do this same app in half the time and less than half that budget. Overseas developer says they can do it for $20,000. After hearing this you take a gamble and go with the overseas developer. Some problems we hear:

  • We cannot get in contact with them anymore

  • They do respond but it takes them weeks

  • We are not in the same time zone so I haven't hear from them but I still have paid them

  • They say the app is almost done, but I haven't seen anything working

  • I finally got something working but it only works on iOS they didn't tell me it was only going to be developed in one platform

  • They are done with it, I just have to find someone to finish it, they claim it should only take a little bit more to get everything together and they cannot do it because "fill in the blank"

Bad News

We have to tell our clients that have unfortunately going through this experience:

  • Your app is not nearly done

  • There is no usable code

  • This is still going to cost the $60,000 to complete

A Better Approach

I have a great mobile app idea. First start with a UI/UX wireframe and a website to promote the wireframe. This will give investors an understanding on what they are potentially investing money on. It gives them something solid to look at. After trying some marketing tactics to have some funding such as, then you can begin to feel good about funding and also about the actual need for this application. This is taking a chance at something amazing and it will only cost you about $2,000 instead of $60,000.

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