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15 Tips to get Hired as a Junior Developer

Devusol reviewed 226 candidates for the Junior Developer vacancy.
Here are some helpful hints (in no particular order) for people looking for junior developer opportunities.

  • Make your own resume rather than using one that was automatically generated. This demonstrates your care and the effort you put into building your resume. You should be proud of your resume.

  • Make sure your contact information is listed in your resume. Also, keep an eye out for emails and phone calls from potential employers.

  • Include just the skills you have actual experience with on your resume. Yes, the algorithm will appreciate your resume better if you include more information, but you will be asked about the things you listed, and it won't look good if you have little to no expertise in those areas.

  • Continuing on from the previous point... Know your resume.

  • Make sure your resume is easy to read. A color scheme without contrast is unpleasant to the eyes, yet a splash of color makes you stand out. Even if you have a lot of qualifications, it's difficult to overlook the fact that you can't see or read properly.

  • It is tough to look past spelling errors on a resume, especially in our industry where attention to detail is critical. Please have someone double and triple check your resume.

  • If there are assessments, complete them as soon as possible because failure to do so will result in an immediate rejection. Even a low score is preferable to none.

  • It is essential that you at least understand what GitHub is if you are applying for a coding job and include a link to yours. Add your LinkedIn link so that we may learn more about you from other sources. Streamline our hunt a bit.

  • Pay attention to the hiring company's instructions. When and how they instruct you to apply, do so.

  • Answer any open-ended questions with more than a simple "yes" or "no."

  • Send a brief thank-you note as a follow-up.

  • Know the company, and make comments that fit with its culture.

  • Communication is essential; be proactive and demonstrate your personality during the interview. Please elaborate on your responses.

  • Always have questions ready for the potential employer.

  • Make it crystal clear why you've chosen to work as a developer.

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